President: Rafik Ghazarian

Rafik has been a local resident of Los Feliz since the age of three. Attending local public schools and has a degree in Communications from Cal State University, Northridge. He has more than 25 years experience in Sales & Marketing in various areas of the hospitality industry.

Over the years he has gained much knowledge by working in different industries and areas in Los Angeles. Community involvement has always been an important aspect of his life. While in the hospitality industry he joined LA Works as a project manager and assisted in coordinating, scheduling and working the annual LA Works day on several different projects to include the LA River clean-up and Hollenbeck Middle School. He decided to broaden his horizon by getting involved and giving back to his community.

He believes that Los Feliz is, and will always be one of the greatest communities to live and shop/dine in. He has over the past few years assisted and been involved with local projects to beautify our three major business streets; Vermont, Hillhurst and Hollywood Blvd, as well as served as Marketing and PR Chair on the board. He wants to ensure that the business’s are visible to the Los Feliz community and his goal is to reach out to surrounding communities and creating a better Los Feliz.

“I joined the Los Feliz Village Business Improvement District to give back to my community. My decision to get more involved with my neighborhood has enabled my goals of bringing residents and the business community together. I look forward to working with the Los Feliz business’s to make Los Feliz a better place, and am humbled to be considered to as President.”

Vice President: Allison Cohen
Communications, Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations: Allison Cohen

Allison is the publisher of the Los Feliz Ledger, which she started from scratch in 2005 after receiving her Master’s Degree in Print Journalism from the University of Southern California, where her thesis was on the development of community newspapers. During her journalism career, she has written for the Los Angeles Times and other local Southern California newspapers as well as Ladies Home Journal and Self Magazine. Prior to her journalism career, Allison was an Account Executive in Los Angeles managing such accounts as Mattel Toys, Inc., McDonald’s Owner Operators of Southern California and Domino’s Pizza. She always says she is grateful for her years spent in advertising agencies, as the experience provided her the equivalent of an M.B.A.

Allison is an avid USC football fan and enjoys attending live music concerts, including Coachella, which she has faithfully attended for numerous years. She has two sons: Griffin, who recently graduated with honors from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. and who will be working for Bain Consulting in Dubai, UAE, starting in the fall of 2017. Her other son, Charles, attends Boston College and is majoring in business with a minor in music.


Ziad Richa, Desert Rose Restaurant
Dr. George Hanna, DDS
Although new to the Los Feliz business community, Dr. Hanna, says he believes in the power of community-based networking. His patients, he said, are loyal to the mission of Los Feliz supporting the arts and independent business owners.

Dr. George wants to continue to support and facilitate growth of the Los Feliz Village businesses and the community. He believes in overseeing regulations, legislation, fundraising and networking and he hopes to serve the LFVBID in all these areas. Finally, Dr. George and his family are strong supporters of philanthropy and would like to initiate more opportunities for local business owners to provide services for the community in a joint effort.

Ruth Salonga
As the facilitator of flawless coordination for even our most complex transactions, Ruth’s expertise stands as an essential part of the Keller Williams team. Being at the front desk, she leaves an indelible first impression of how caring and committed our team is to each and every client that walks through our door. Her friendly and professional demeanor reflect the KWLF philosophy and unrelenting determination to keep the lines of communication clear between our staff and you. Don’t miss out on her baked goods!


Joint committee meeting is held the First Wednesday of the month at 8:30 am and the Board Meeting is held the Second Wednesday of each month at 9:00 am. Both meetings are held at St Mary of the Angels Church located at 4510 Finley Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027.

Past BID Mtg. Minutes can be found here.
Past Newsletters can be found here.


A brief overview on the process that leads to our receiving an assessment from the City of Los Angeles.

The first step is to prepare an Annual Report and Budget. The report is usually prepared by the BID President with an advisory board and mailed to the City Clerk’s Office (Los Angeles). There the report is subject to review, approved and then sent to the Housing, Community and Economic Development (HCED) Committee of the City Council. This committee meets every Wednesday.

Once approved by the Committee, the report is sent to the City Council for approval of the Ordinance of Intention to renew the BID. The mayor has 7 days, following the City Council approval, in which to sign the Ordinance.

Once signed, the Ordinance and all pertinent information are mailed to the existing BID database. The information includes the date(s) of the Public Hearing, which occurs a minimum of 10 days after council approval. At the public hearing, if there is NOT a majority protest and it so desires, the City Council will adopt an Ordinance renewing the BID.

If the Ordinance is approved, it takes 40 days for it to become effective. Forty days AFTER the approval of the Ordinance, the assessment bills are mailed out to the BID membership. The entire process takes approximately 8-10 weeks, typically beginning in the month of January.

The Los Feliz Village BID is renewed EVERY year because it is a business-based BID. For more information regarding BIDS we recommend visiting: Los Angeles Office of the City Clerk